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Thank you for being our customers

Thank you for being our customers

We have a good cause to be excited: since launched in October 2016 we have been able to serve more than 50.000 happy customers at our restaurants in Green Lake City and Citra Garden.

We would like to celebrate this achievement with a special promotion: join us for a set lunch at LA CUCINA from 17 September to 28 September 2018…


The health benefits of tomato sauce

We all love tomato sauce. To the surprise of some, this delicious creation is one of those rare foods that
actually tastes good and benefits the human body. Tomatoes and tomato sauce improve biological
functions in countless ways. Keep reading to find out how tomatoes work their magic.
Tomatoes Improve Heart Health
The consumption of tomatoes has long been tied to improved heart health. Tomatoes and extracts from
tomatoes decrease total cholesterol, the LDL form of cholesterol and triglycerides. Tomato extracts also
assist in the prevention of platelet cell clumping within the blood. The result is a reduced risk of heart
health problems such as atherosclerosis. The…


Unique atmosphere and beautiful ambience paired with generous portions at a fair price


LA CUCINA is bringing Italy to Citra Garden. The quality of our food and beverages are of the highest standard, the atmosphere is lively, with a feeling of family and togetherness, something synonymous with Italy. Bringing people together to enjoy the senses of taste, smell, sight and sound.



With us, it’s all about the classics of Italian cuisine: our best best pizza from the brick stone oven is crispy-thin and big enough that the edge sticks out over the side of the plate.

The truly madly pasta section offers up a…